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First edition, 2005, near fine condition.


Published by the National Library of Australia. This comprehensive biography evokes the life and achievements of Edgeworth David (1858 1934): celebrated geologist, Antarctic pioneer (participant in the first party to reach the vicinity of the South Magnetic Pole, and champion of Scott's, Shackleton's and Mawson's later expeditions), co-founder of the Australian Tunnelling Corps in World War I, tireless campaigner for Australian and international science, inveterate congress organiser, mesmerising lecturer, and with his formidable wife Cara prominent Sydney social identity in the early decades of the twentieth century. This intensively researched work by Dr David Branagan, featuring a striking array of photographs, provides a timely reappraisal of this great and, today, strangely neglected Australian.

TW Edgeworth David, A Life, By David Branagan

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