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Signed First edition, Hardback, with dustcover with some minor rubbing and wear. Otherwise in excellent condition.


'The best book about mountaineering ever … It should be read by everyone who still understands the spirit of human endeavour, courage and sacrifice and who holds adventure in their heart.' Sunday Telegraph

The highest point on earth - the summit of Everest - is every climber's dream. In 1984, it was the goal of a small team of Australians. They planned a quick, lightweight ascent of an unclimbed route without oxygen. But their battle with storms, avalanches, extreme cold and thin air meant they soon began to run out of time. Walt Unsworth, Everest historian, wrote, 'Their actual achievement was astonishing; one of the greatest climbs ever done on the mountain.'


White Limbo: The 1st Australian climb of Mt Everest, By Lincoln Hall

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