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2014, trade paperback in excellent condition.


There are many varied adventures here, sailing and climbing, in many different places around the world. They show that there has been life after Addicted to Adventure, the previous book. There are tales of derring-do, there are tales of delivering boats to outlandish places in the world, tales even of sailing the shores of Britain, and bouncing around in Norway. They are many and varied, and are all adventures in their own right, with their own challenges and adventures. They stretch from the Arctic to the Antarctic with plenty in between, and are illustrated with graphic pictures and maps. Forewords by Jimmy Cornell and Lin Pardy set the scene whilst Ellen Massey Leonard provides a thought-provoking Afterword to sum up. You will be amused, you will be impressed, occasionally you may even be frightened, but above all you will enjoy an exciting read. And who knows,you may become a little less risk-averse after reading the book.


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Addicted to adventure: Between rocks and cold places, by Bob Shepton

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