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2005 trade paperback in very good condition


Written on his return to England, Scott's "The Voyage of the Discovery" provides a detailed and fascinating account of Antarctic exploration in the early twentieth century. Starting with a history of early discoveries in the region, he goes on to record the difficulties of organizing such an expedition and the challenges and dangers involved in the exploration of such a wild and untamed continent. Scott's account reflects the sense of wonder and amazement that he felt on discovering the strange and exotic fauna of the region, the problems caused by the unpredictable and often harsh weather, the comradeship of the men forced to co-exist in cramped quarters and the hardships and privations faced by a crew who had no help nearby in times of distress and only the provisions they could carry to see them through the trip. Beautifully illustrated with photographs of the expedition and pictures drawn by Dr. Wilson of the area, "Voyage" is a fascinating account of a land that was eventually to claim the author's life.



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The Voyage of the Discovery. Volume One. Capt. Robert Falcoln Scott

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