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2008, paperback, good condition.


From bone structure to physiology to ageing patterns, women are different from men, yet most serious cycling books fail to take into account the particular concerns of female athletes. In "Bicycling for Women", cycling authority Gale Bernhardt discusses all things female for beginning and intermediate cyclists.Comprehensive and scientific, Bernhardt's presentation is up-to-date, smart, and easily understood. She addresses basic questions on bike fit, equipment, and training before moving on to the additional issues specific to women, such as cycling and pregnancy, injury prevention for women, nutrition and diet plans for the female athlete, and tips for making cycling more comfortable.Encouraging for newcomers and invigorating for experienced athletes with new goals, "Bicycling for Women" is an indispensable resource for women who enjoy fitness and love to ride.


bicycling for Women, By Gale Bernhardt

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