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Paperback, First Edition in excellent unread condition.


Tony May was always determined that the need to explore one’s own country should not be compromised by travelling the world instead.

After his first encounter with Australia’s outback, he immediately fell in love with the red dirt, the people and the wide open spaces – as June Files describes it, of our “big back yard”.

In Bike Rides and Other Travels Tony recounts his extensive experience bike riding with June’s ‘Silver City Bush Treadlers’ and his friendship with Jim (Rocky) Munday, which resulted in an even greater appreciation of this back yard, with expeditions through many of the country’s deserts. Other bike rides with Rocky’s RRAT tours have taken Tony to many places he would have otherwise never have visited.

Bike Rides and Other Travels also recalls Tony’s many trips, bike rides sometimes included, to destinations overseas with his mate Rocky. Tony has also been fortunate to have daughters with a wander lust and a love of Asian countries in particular, which has allowed many trips to be taken together.

It was Tony’s intention that in retirement his remaining years would see more action and activity than the many years spent shackled to a desk. Recording life’s experiences such as those contained in these pages, provides the opportunity to relive these many fond memories.

Tony hopes his stories will inspire you to enjoy our ‘big back yard’ – and beyond too.

Bike Rides and other travels, By Tony May

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