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2008 edition. Paperback, good condition with some very minor yellowing of pages.


"On the evening of Thursday 25 May 2006, I died on Mount Everest...'. Dead lucky is Lincoln Hall's account of climbing Everest during a season of misadventures rarely equalled on the world's highest mountain. Left for dead, Lincoln spent his longest night alone in the open, at 8600 metres. The tragic news of Lincoln's 'death' travelled instantaneously to news media around the world, and by satellite phone to his wife Barbara and his two sons in Sydney. Early in the morning on 26 May, Dan Mazur, an American mountaineering guide, was startled to find Lincoln sitting cross-legged on the knife-edged crest of the summit ridge. Lincoln's first words, 'I imagine you are surprised to see me here', were an understatement. Much has been reported in the press about Lincoln's 'resurrection' but only he has real insight into what happened, and how he survived the longest night. Dead lucky is not about accepting death, but about celebrating life. Lincoln writes about the beauty of the mountains, of firm friendships being formed, of connecting with nature. And most satisfying of all, returning home to his family."

Dead Lucky: Life after death on Mount Everest. By Lincoln Hall

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