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First Edition, 1987, hardback with dustjacket. Minor rubbing to jacket and spine. Otherwise in really good condition.


Cherie Bremer-Kamp's Himalayan climbing career ended with the tragic trip to Kangchenjunga in 1984/85. Her account, in Living on the Edge, of Chandler's death, her response and her courageous fight for survival on the descent is one of the most moving adventure and love stories ever told. This time they would attempt the main summit of Kangchenjunga from the north in winter, the most dangerous and difficult of the three Nepalese climbing seasons. It was an extraordinarily ambitious undertaking, given that they again would be climbing from the remote northern side of the mountain and that they would have no back-up should things go wrong. 

Living on the edge, By Cherie Bremer-Kamp

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