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2001 edition. Paperback, minor scuffing around spine and edges, pages beginning to yellow.


One of the greatest mountaineers alive unravels one of the world's greatest enigmas For over 20 years Reinhold Messner has been obsessed with the secret of the Yeti, the Himalayan creature of legend, who in the West became infamously known as the abominable snowman. Rather than fruitless speculation, Messner - the first person to climb Mount Everest without oxygen and the first to climb all 14 of the world's tallest peaks - provides his own first hand account. He begins by recounting his own terrifying run-ins with the Yeti - while hiking alone in remote parts of Nepal - and how they led to his determination to solve their mystery through subsequent expeditions.Yeti is a fascinating account of a quest, taking readers on hair-raising climbs through Nepal, Bhutan, Ladakh, Northern India, and even Tibet - where Messner was a fugitive from Chinese authorities. Messner reveals the truth behind these strange and wonderful creatures.

My Quest For The Yeti. By Reinhold Messner

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