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1975 First edition hardback in very good condition. No dustjacket but binding is nice and tight. Owners stamp on edge and inside cover. Minor rubbing on spine. Bottom front right corner must have been dropped at some stage as its a little dented.


The lakes of New Zealand are notable for both their number and for their variety. In these islands there are as many types of lakes as are found in most continents. This book collects information scattered in scientific journals. The geological forms and classification of the lakes are described with special chapters on glacial lakes and volcanic lakes. The distribution of light and heat, chemical and biological conditions, plankton, plants, small fauna, fish, and birds are among the topics covered. There are studies of individual lakes and of types of lakes, including hydro-electric impoundments, and of such problems as the enrichment of lake waters by farm runoff and the growth of lakeweed. There is a chapter on sport fisheries.


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New Zealand Lakes, Ed. by VH Jolly & JM Brown

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