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2003, First edition paperback in very good condition.


'Let me show you my scars. to know them is to know me.' So begins the candid memoir of Raelene Boyle, one of Australia's most loved national figures. the former Olympic sprinter who shot to fame at the age of 17 when she won a silver medal at the Mexico Olympics, and whose refusal to use drugs cost her several gold medals, details her battles to beat breast and ovarian cancer, as well as her ongoing fight to overcome severe depression. With the same capacity for honesty and bluntness that prompted her endless disputes with officialdom in her 14-year international athletic career, Raelene reveals her disillusionment with the Olympic movement and tells how a shy working-class girl managed to turn her insecurities and a series of devastating setbacks into a tale of personal triumph.


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Raelene: Sometimes beaten, never conquered

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