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2002 edition, creased spine and slight damage to top of front cover.


A book of wisdom and spiritual enlightenment, as much as adventure, Touching My Father's Soul recounts Tenzing's son, Jamling Norgay's, treacherous climb to the world's most forbidding summit on the 1996 IMAX climbing expedition, which collided with tragedy, as retold in Krakauers Into Thin Air. As the climb unfolds so too does Norgay's inner journey. His desire to finally stand alongside his father's soul on the summit of Everest is realised, but so too is an understanding of his family's Sherpa history and a realisation of the power and significance of the Himalayas. A dramatic and beautifully written route to a closer understanding of the spiritual significance of the Himalayas and the ancient Sherpa dynasties.

Touching my Father’s Soul: In The Footsteps of Tenzing Norgay. By Jamling Tenzin

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