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2013, First Edition paperback, excellent condition. Looks unread.


For Barbara Baikie and Dolores Cummins, climbing the world's highest free standing mountain, Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro was more than a test of physical endurance: it challenged the framework of ideals and expectations of the society in which they work and live. One made it to the very peak of Kilimanjaro's dizzy dangerous heights. One did not. Yet both learnt valuable lessons during the nine-day trek about what really matters in life. Despite the varying outcomes, both achieved. In Altitude: Two women's journey on Mount Kilimanjaro, executive educators Barbara and Dolores provide raw insight into their experience and mindset as they pushed their bodies and minds to the limit. They also draw parallels from their journey to challenges faced every day. Part travelogue, part personal development workbook, readers don't have to scale giddy heights to question or abandon societal expectations in order to bare their authentic selves and create a life of choice. Life is precious, life is transient, and life often thrusts at us the unexpected. We were reminded that we have to let go of who we are supposed to be and just be who we really are. Barbara Baikie and Dolores Cummins are management consultants, group facilitators and executive and leadership coaches based in Australia. They are also friends for a lifetime.

Altitude: Two Women’s Journey on Mount Kilimanjaro. By Barbara Baikie and Dolore

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